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Hi! My name is Amin.

I created this blog to help Canadians of all walks of life to travel for free.

I’ve had the privilege to travel from the age of 6. Flying in the 80s, 90s and 2000s allowed me to witness the major changes the air travel went through. Furthermore, I experienced business travel. I was given an American Express card and told I was to fly 10-15 times a year and stay 50 nights in hotels across Canada.

Consequently, I got to know well the ins and outs of the major loyalty programs. Those programs paid for my annual vacations for many years. I got used to free luxury InterContinental & Hilton hotels stays, reward flights across multiple continents and airport Business class lounges.

Breakfast at Hilton Warsaw Executive Lounge
Breakfast at Hilton Warsaw Executive Lounge

The reality of things

You don’t have to be a business traveler to accrue miles and points.

Although airline and hotel deals can be had, travel still costs money. Whether you travel once or 4 times a year, purchasing airfare, hotel/AirBNB stays and car rental add-up real fast. As a result you end up with 4-digit credit card bill per trip, even on a weekend getaway.

My purpose is to show you how to cut your travel budget significantly by using miles and points with the right carriers and the right hotel chains. Free travel is possible, it’s called travel hack and it’s totally legal. It’s a game you can play. However, it requires a lot of discipline and focus.

If you’re not sure why it makes sense to start, I shared an article why it makes sense to accrue miles and points if you’re a traveler.

Airlines & hotels loyalty cards
Airlines & hotels loyalty cards

How do I do it?

It’s quite straight forward. I plan my next trip: target destination. I choose the reward programs and travel branded credit card that will lead me to my target. The best part is I show you all of this on the blog. The steps you need to take, the pitfalls to avoid, the major leverages and before you know it you’re on your way to your vacation destination.

I invite you to browse the Web site and sign-up to my newsletter. Also, follow the Amin On Miles Facebook page to know the latest and to ask questions. Lastly, join the Amin On Miles Club to find resources and learn from other followers experiences.

Don’t wait. Start planning your next free getaway.

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