7 cheap flights to tour Australia – see how! [Updated 2021]

Amin Benzaza

Australia is more than a country, it’s a continent. The country has a an extensive flight network across all airlines. Four airlines dominate the marketplace: Qantas, Jetstar, Tigerair and Virgin Australia. But in the end, it’s a battle between Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Where does the Canadian traveler find value?

How can a Canadian traveller get Australian domestic reward flights?

As a Canadian traveller, the easiest way to redeem any kind of airline miles is to stick a oneworld carrier.

Qantas is a oneworld member. It has an extensive domestic network. The best way to book Qantas reward domestic flights is with British Airways Avios points.

But how can one earn Avios points? Here’s the Canadian way:

Crazy Aussie tour with oneworld!

The only way to see Australia is to fly it! I’ve taken the liberty of building a flight plan connecting 7 marjor cities spanning all of the states and territories. The tour of Australia would feature the following flights:

Sydney – Melbourne
Melbourne – Hobart
Hobart – Adelaide (via Melbourne)
Adelaide – Perth
Perth – Darwin
Darwin – Brisbane

Australia 7 flights tour
Australia 7 flights tour with Qantas

Now here is the table that features all of the details of the proposed flights. There are many other flight options. of course. As a reference, I did my reward search for the entire month of February 2018.

[table id=1 /]


A paid all-economy ticket would cost around $800 for the same circuit. It’s another option. However, using Avios points saves a nice chunk of money per traveler. That savings adds-up and would cover other travel expenses such as hotel, food and car rental.

What would do? Points or pay in cash to tour Australia?

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