Flying across southern Africa with your Avios miles

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Southern Africa has a lot to offer to tourists. From West to East, one can visit Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritius on the Indian Ocean. Indeed a lot of beautiful places to see. Above all, how can you fly across southern African with your miles?

Comair’s network

Comair is an airline that operates across South Africa and some neighboring countries. Actually, Comair is a British Airways franchisee. Therfore, you can earn and burn Avios miles with the airline. Furthermore, Comair owns and operates low-cost airline on domestic routes. Comair’s hubs are:

  • Johannesburg : JNB;
  • Cape Towne: CPE;
  • Durban: DUR.

The airline serves southern Africa from West to East across 5 countries:

  • Windhoek, Nambia: WDH;
  • Livingston, Zambia: LVI;
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: VFA;
  • Harare, Zimbabwe: HRE;
  • Cape Town, South Africa: CPE;
  • George, South Africa: GRJ;
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa: PLZ (;
  • East London, South Africa: ELS (;
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: JNB;
  • Durban, South Africa: DUR;
  • Port Louis, Mauritius: MRU;
Comair SA network
Comair SA network

The network will allow you to cross southern Africa with ease via the Johannesburg hub.

Using your Avios

I have written a post on South African domestic flights: the cheapest domestic reward flights to cross South Africa. You’ll see that the amount of required Avios miles is low. The same goes for taxes & fees, less than $50.

Windhoek, Namibia

A one-way ticket from Johannesburg to Windhoek using Avios miles is of great value. At 6,500 Avios and $42, the flight allows you to land in Namibia for a very low cost.

JND-WDH flight using Avios
JND-WDH flight using Avios


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Livingstone, Zambia

This one is more tricky. British Airways show very little availability on its site. I only found one seat in Business class requiring 7,750 Avios and $50. Indeed another great reward deal. However, very little seats available, so you may want to consider buying the airfare. Consequently, it may cost you around $300 for a return trip.

JND-VFA flight using Avios
JND-VFA flight using Avios

Port Louis, Mauritius

This has got to be the sweetest spot in the region. Flying to Mauritius for its beaches, lagoons and reefs for a low fee is a steal. The Indian Ocean island is a jewel and is serviced by Comair from Johannesburg.

Similarly to other destinations, Avios and fees are low on this segment: 10,000 Avios & $42. However, availability is a problem, rare and inconsistent from a date to another.

JND-MRU flight using Avios
JND-MRU flight using Avios


The cost of reward flights across southern Africa (Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Mauritius) has a great value for Avios earners. But there are restrictions on some destinations such as Victoria Falls and Mauritius. You may want to budget cash for those flights.

Using your Avios is a great way to save some serious money to visit a third of the African continent. What is your experience with redeeming miles in Africa? Please share with me your experience and opinion on Amin On Miles Facebook page.



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