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Amin Benzaza

Spain simply rocks

If you’ve ever visited Spain you’d come to the conclusion that it is the most beautiful country in the world. Gorgeous nature & weather, fresh food and a rich culture make it more attractive than its Southern European neighbors.

Spanish road trip with AC Hotels

Let me be frank. I hate road trips, they feel endless and the road just tires me. However, Spain has a great highways & roads network which makes it a much smoother deal to be on the road.

What makes it even more attractive is the AC Hotel network. Actually, the brand originates from Spain before Marriott purchased it in 2011. Usually properties have complimentary parking as most are located in the city outskirts.

AC Hotels at 7,500 Marriott Bonvoy points

You can tour all of Spain with AC Hotels at a low points threshold. Most AC Hotel across Spain require only 7,500 Marriott Bonvoy points.

I added the map below so you can check each property in different cities. You’ll see the hotel name, address and Marriott points for each.

The hotels are well spread out geographically, except for the Eastern side of Spain (Catalunia, Aragon, Navarre) and Castilla La Mancha in central Spain. That means you’ll have to opt for Marriott hotels with high points spend (25,000 and up).

How to get Marriott Bonvoy points

If you are based in Canada you can earn Marriott Bonvoy points through 3 majors credit cards. The bonus offers on there cards is significant and easily pay for 7 nights on AC Hotels in Spain and other future great reward stays like the Ritz-Carlton Muscat.

These cards are:


There are so many places to discover and see in Spain. I look forward to my next trip and the opportunity to burn my Marriott Bonvoy points on AC Hotels. The savings are significant and will pay for the car rental, gas and food.

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