How do I claim my missing Marriott Bonvoy points in 3 easy steps

Amin Benzaza

Your Marriott Bonvoy points did not show up on your account? No problem, you can claim missing points by following the steps we will feature below.

If you booked your Marriott stay through a third-party website than you will are not eligible to the points. Third-party websites include Expedia,, and others.

You have to book direct with Marriott in order to get your points and bonus points. But there is one exception.

The only third party site that would allow you to earn points would be American Express’ SAP Concur site. It caters to corporate travel and is the only exception to earning points with a third-party booking.

Step 1 – Log in to your online Marriott Bonvoy account

Go to Marriott Bonvoy and click on the Sign in or Join link in the top right hand side of the page.

A pop-up will appear. Enter your email or Member Number then your password. If you forgot your password you can click of the Forgot password link and create a new one.

Marriott Bonvoy Main Page
Marriott Bonvoy Main Page
Marriott Bonvoy Log In
Marriott Bonvoy Log In

Step 2 – Click the drop-down list

Once logged in your account, click on your name on the upper right-hand side of the page. Once you click, a drop-down list will appear on the right-hand side of the page as featured below.

Marriott Bonvoy Account Page
Marriott Bonvoy Account Page

Then click on the Activity link, below Overview.

Activity link | Marriott Bonvoy Account Page
Activity link | Marriott Bonvoy Account Page

At the bottom of the transactions list, you will come across the Report A Missing Stay link on the left hand side of the page.

Report Missing Stay link | Marriott Bonvoy Account Page
Report Missing Stay link | Marriott Bonvoy Account Page

On the Marriott Bonvoy app, you can claim a missing stay. In the same fashion, click on the Activity link and at the bottom of the transactions page, you’ll find the Missing Stay Request Form.

Request Missing Stay link in the Marriott Bonvoy app
Request Missing Stay Form link in the Marriott Bonvoy app

Step 3 – Claim your missing stay

If you booked direct then proceed with filling out the information on the form. The following information is mandatory:

  • Answer YES to the first question;
  • First & Last name;
  • Phone number:
  • Email;
  • Booking confirmation number (Optional);
  • Check-in date + Check-out date;
  • Type the hotel name;
  • Add the hotel bill if you have one from your email in pdf or photo format.
Missing Stay Request Marriott Bonvoy
Marriott Bonvoy Missing Stay Request

Great rewards with Marriott Bonvoy points

Marriott Bonvoy points offer some great reward stay opportunities in different segments. I have stayed and reported on some great stays. Here are different properties I have stayed in and some sweet spots you can grab for a small number of points:


Ritz-Carlton Doha
Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton Muscat

Sweet Spots

Marriott Sweet Spots – Kuala Lumpur
Our Canadian Summer Sweet Spot


Don’t let any point escape you. Always make sure you claim your points if you forgot to add your membership number. Although your supposed to be logged in every time you book, particularly on the app.

Marriott Bonvoy, like all other major programs, has its fortes and weaknesses. Making the most of its sweet spots is definitely a great return on your account balance.

4 thoughts on “How do I claim my missing Marriott Bonvoy points in 3 easy steps”

  1. I stay 3 nights at Sheraton Petaling Days, from 13/3/2022-16/3/2022. But, I saw Bonvey only record for 1 night. Please check. I wanted to attach the receipt here in jpg format from hotel but unsuccessful. Can you send me the email and I will send the receipt thru email for you to check. Or you can directly ask from hotel. Thanks.

  2. If you follow the steps then you should get all points credited on 3 nights. If that doesnt work, reach out to the hotel and ask them for help.

  3. I have tried everything possible to try to get the paperwork I have, about a missing stay, to Marriott and cannot! When I clicked on missing stays while using the Bonvoy app, it just circles! It never connects!


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