How to add my Aeroplan number to my booking

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Aeroplan card with passport and boarding pass

The world of frequent flyer programs (ffp) can be intimidating to those who start out. Earning reward miles with an airline is one of the first things we experience in the travel hack process.

However, one can forget to add their Aeroplan number in the booking process for different reasons. This post addresses ways to add it to your booking before you board.

On aircanada. com

You can create or add your Aeroplan number to your Air Canada account if you intend on booking direct. I wrote a guide on how to enroll to Aeroplan.

On the top right hand side of the main page, click on Sign in.

Log in to
Sign in to

Log in using your Aeroplan number and password. Add your Air Canada or Star Alliance booking reference to your account.

You cannot add your booking reference number if you booked an Air Canada Vacations trip or via an OTA such as Expedia Canada. You’ll have to contact them directly or wait until you get to the airport.

Also, keep in mind you cannot add your Aeroplan number 2 hours prior to your departure.

On the Air Canada app

The new Air Canada app also allows you to add your Aeroplan number. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into the Air Canada app using your Aeroplan information
  2. Touch the TRIPS tab on the bottom right hand side of the app main menu.

Et voilà! Your booking should be retrieved and available in your TRIPS section of the app.

Trips section of the Air Canada App
Trips section of the Air Canada App

Call Air Canada

The most straight forward way is to call Air Canada direct. You can reach Air Canada at 1-888-247-2262. Make sure you have your booking reference and Aeroplan number handy to make it a swift and efficient call.

At the airport

You can add your Aeroplan number when you check-in at the airport if you’re flying Air Canada, United, Lufthansa, Turkish Airways or any other Star Alliance member.

Credit: Star Alliance

At a self-serve kiosk, you can enter your Aeroplan frequent flyer number once you type in your booking reference number. Self-service kiosks offer a wide range of options from seat selection, print bag tags to an upgrade request.

If you’re at a check-in desk, ask the agent to help you. Show them your Aeroplan digital card in your smart phone or your physical card if you still have in your wallet. It takes a few seconds for the agent to do it.

On Facebook

Air Canada Facebook page is a good channel to interact with the airline. It’s also full of resources as followers ask different questions about their upcoming trip and travel experience.

It’s also a platform that will allow you to reach out to Air Canada and ask the airline to add your Aeroplan number to your booking reference number. Of course, you will have to provide your Aeroplan number & booking reference number via private messages. It’s pretty straight forward as you can see below.

On an OTA

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) like Expedia & Travelocity usually allow you to add your frequent flyer program (ffp) number in the booking process. However, should you forget to add your number you can always login to your OTA account. Add your Aeroplan number to your Air Canada or Star Alliance booking. If you purchase an interline ticket which involves different Star Alliance carriers, don’t change anything, just add your Aeroplan number.

If you booked an interline ticket that involves a carrier from another alliance, then add your preferred ffp number from that 2nd alliance to earn miles across the entire itinerary.

For future bookings, OTAs allow you to update your Account information. As shown below, in addition to your personal info & passport info you can add your preferred ffp numbers.

Claim missing Aeroplan points

If all of these tips don’t work, don’t lose faith.

You can always claim your missing Aeroplan points!

I wrote a full post about the steps you need to take to credit them. Refer to How to claim missing Aeroplan points. You have up to 6 months to claim them.


This post shows clearly that travel hackers need to be thorough and systematic about their transactions. For any flight reservation, insure that you are logged in or ready to add your Aeroplan number on an OTA & Star Alliance site.

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