How to sign up to Air Canada Aeroplan in 3 easy steps

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Air Canada app and Aeroplan card

Air Canada Aeroplan is the largest frequent flyer program in Canada. Its 5 million members earn points on flights, credit cards and retail partners. Most members are actually frequent spenders which allows them to earn points and redeem them on reward flights faster. It’s easy and free to sign up to Air Canada Aeroplan.

Let’s go in detail through the 3 steps to help you become an Air Canada Aeroplan member in a few minutes.

Step 1 – Email & Password

On the Air Canada main page, drag your mouse under Sign in then click on Join Aeroplan.

Next important step is to provide an email and password. It’s part is very important because the system will not accept an email already used on another Aeroplan account. Also, Aeroplan communicates 100% by email as it is clearly states:

“Email is Aeroplan’s primary means of communication to keep you in the loop about our news and offers. As the operator of Air Canada’s loyalty program, we may share your email address with Air Canada for them to deliver offers and information about their products and services.”

Join Aeroplan
Join Aeroplan

Your kids can earn Air Canada Aeroplan miles on travel and purchases from the age of 2. That’s the age when they have to get a seat of a flight, therefore, entitling them to earn and burn miles.

When you create your child’s Air Canada Aeroplan number, you’ll have to use another email. Each email is associated to a unique Aeroplan account.

Also if you’ve had an account in the past with the same email, you’ll get this message:

Existing email associated to an Aeroplan account message
Existing email associated to an Aeroplan account

You can call Aeroplan at 1-800-361-5373 if you wish to retrieve your old Aeroplan account.

Step 2 – Language, Full Name & Date of Birth

These 3 pieces of information are important.

Choose your preferred language of correspondence and usage. You can either choose English or French.

The name part is very important!

You have to use your passport name. The name has to be the same in all 3 documents:

1) Aeroplan member number
2) Issued air ticket (PNR)
3) Driver’s licence or Passport.

If the name isn’t the same in any of these documents, members risk big:

  • Denied boarding if air ticket name does not match passport name;
  • Denied Aeroplan accrual on paid air ticket if name doesn’t match passport name;

Therefore, use your full passport name. If you have a name with accents or other special characters, don’t use them. If you have a one-letter last name or a name with special characters, call Air Canada Aeroplan at 1-800-361-5373.

Finally, add your date of birth.

Step 3 – Address & Phone Number

It’s pretty straight forward on these two pieces of information. Don’t forget to update your address should you move in the future.

The system will generate a unique Aeroplan number under your name. If you picked up a card at one of Aeroplan’s retail partners, such as Home Hardware, type it in the dedicated space.

Accept Air Canada Aeroplan T&Cs and you’re all set.

Start Earning & Burning Aeroplan Points

Now you’re ready to earn Aeroplan points and plan your travels. Whether your prefer to travel in economy or business class does not matter. What matters is that you get the reward flight you plan for at a great value. I personnally fly both coach and business class thanks to my Aeroplan points. Factors such as flight length – short, medium, long, super long-haul – aircraft, quality of the cabin, time of the day, fees and taxes will play a role in determining my redemption preference.

But one thing is sure: you will always maximize the value of your airfare when book long haul flights with Aeroplan points. A business class ticket sold at over $4,000 will always be a steal and fraction of the cost thanks your points.

Let’s use an example. I had to book my return flight from my trip in Jordan. I wanted to fly business because I wanted to get some sleep as the flight departed in the middle of the night but would conveniently get me home by noon. It was either $3,418 or 70,000 Aeroplan points + $186.20 for the same ticket. I chose the latter option.

Air Canada business class one-way fare Amman to Montreal
Air Canada business class one-way fare Amman to Montreal
Air Canada business class one-way reward flight Amman to Montreal
Air Canada business class one-way reward flight Amman to Montreal

I’ve written an extensive mini-guide on how you can earn Aeroplan points in Canada. All the details are in there from airlines to retail partners. Start earning fast today.

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