how to book my british airways Companion Voucher

Amin Benzaza

RBC British Airways Visa Infinite cardholders earn a Companion Voucher when they hit an annual spend of $30,000 on qualified purchases. The credit card members will be able to purchase a reward flight for a fellow companion travelling along at no additional cost in Avios.

The Companion Voucher new feature

A new feature allows solo travellers to enjoy an Avios and fee discount. Indeed, the Companion Voucher entitles one passenger travelling solo to a 50% discount on the Avios price when they pay for their booking as shown below.

BA reward booking using a Companion Voucher for solo traveller
BA reward booking price using a Companion Voucher for solo traveller

how to book The Companion Voucher

The Companion voucher booking process follows the same steps as a regular reward booking with some additional checks. Once in Book with your Avios section, the prompt will show the default choice “Don’t use any vouchers”. Below it another option is available to check: Royal Bank of Canada Companion Voucher.

When you choose the voucher option, the voucher unique number will show. If card member accumulates other Royal Bank of Canada Companion Vouchers, they will show. Each have their unique number and expiry date.

BA Book with your Avios

It’s important to keep in mind that a Companion Voucher is valid for 24 months and cannot be transferred, extended or refunded. It can be used for a one way or a return trip.

RBC Companion Voucher unique number and expiry date

Now that the Voucher has been selected, the regular process for booking a trip can go on. RBC Companion Voucher only allow for BA trips departing Canada and excludes oneworld partners.

RBC Companion Voucher Final Pricing on BA

There you go. It’s straight forward. Don’t forget that RBC British Airways Visa holders get a 10% discount on paid BA bookings. Again they have to fly out of Canada and on BA metal exclusively.

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