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As you fly, stay at hotels, rent cars and use your travel-branded credit card, you’ll earn Aeroplan points. But system glitches and omissions on your part can happen. Let’s visit the step by step Aeroplan claim process for different situations.

How to access the “Claim missing transaction” section

First we need to access the appropriate section to claim Aeroplan points. Once you log into your Aeroplan account, click on “Activity” tab on your dashboard. A scroll down page and the “Missing something?” box will appear on the right hand side:

Missing Aeroplan points link
Missing Aeroplan points link

From there, click on “Submist request”, than a window like this will pop-up:

Missing Aeroplan points form start
Missing Aeroplan points form start

Claim Aeroplan points on flights

You clicked on the “Flight booking” option. Before you start claiming missing Aeroplan points on flight you must be aware of 2 important details:

Firstly, you have to wait at least 8 days before you can submit a claim. Air Canada and its Star Alliance partners don’t always post the points in the 2-3 days following the trip.

Also, you have up to 11 months to request the missing points from the flight date.

Secondly, your ticket name must match your Aeroplan member name. Also, you cannot earn or claim points from someone else’s ticket. Therefore, you can only claim for yourself, regardless of who paid for the ticket.

Missing Aeroplan points on flight form
Missing Aeroplan points on flight form

You can claim miles on Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge flights, as well as on all Star Alliance partner flights and code-share partners Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Middle East Airlines, Central Mountain Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, Etihad Airways, Aer Lingus and Vistara.

Keep in mind that if your trip had multiple flights, then you’ll have to claim each flight individually. Also, if you had not registered to bonus Aeroplan miles promotions then you cannot claim bonus miles.

The claim process requires the following information:

  • Ticket number;
  • The number of flights;
  • Airline name;
  • Flight number;
  • Departure date;
  • Departure airport;
  • Arrival airport;

The process is short and efficient. The points will post in the next 48 hours if all of the information is accurate.

Claim missing Aeroplan points on hotel stays

This claim is different. You cannot request it through but with the hotel brand directly. Therefore, make sure your hotel loyalty program earning preferences are set-up appropriately.

You can claim by calling or emailing. My advise is to claim online. This is how you claim missing Hilton Honors points is an online example. You have up to 6 month to request missing miles.

You can email directly the following brands:

Claim missing Aeroplan points on car rentals

To claim your Aeroplan points, you’ll to do it direct with the car rental company. With Avis, link up to the Car Rental Receipt and Agreement page. For Budget, link to the Budget Canada Car Rental e-Receipt page. You’ll have to call Payless at 1-800-729-5377.

Claim missing Aeroplan points with other travel partners

Air Canada Vacations

You’ll have to call Air Canada Vacations direct at 1-800-296-3408 or use their Contact Form.

Hotels & car rentals booked through cxLoyalty

If you booked hotels and car rentals via Aeroplan (managed by cxLoyalty) email them direct to make the claim at


Call Mozio direct at 1-877-959-6727.


Same thing, contact Rocketmiles direct at

Claim missing Aeroplan points with financial partners

Aeroplan has 3 financial partners in Canada: American Express, TD Bank and CIBC. To claim the missing points, members have to get in touch with the financial institution their credit card’s associated with.

Usually members can call direct the toll-free number behind their credit card. Here are the phone numbers for each bank:

  • American Express 1-800-668-2639;
  • CIBC 1-800-465-4653;
  • TD Bank 1-800-983-8472.


Never miss a chance to earn or claim your Aeroplan points. There’s no better feeling than a reward ticket. Miles rack-up faster then we think. They add up thanks to bonus offer, double dip opportunities, spend habits and travel.

As a family we were able to fly to Doha & Muscat s a family. Read how Aeroplan miles saved us 86% on family vacations airfare. If you want to share your experience and questions reach out on Facebook’s Amin On Miles Club.

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  1. I would like to cancel a flight on points for October 17 returning from Tel
    Aviv. Since I have covid I will not be flying there so would like to put points back into my account. Do I contact Aeroplan after that date or can I do it before the flight. Is there a charge ?

    • Hi,
      You have to cancel before your travel date otherwise you will lose your points. You can change date by calling for $100. If you want to cancel entirely fees will hit $150-$175.
      Let me know how it goes. Good luck and get well.

  2. Hi,
    officially I should be able to claim Aeroplan points for an Air Canada flight last September – less than 11 month ago. The online “missing Points…” form ONLY allows me to put in departure dates back until January 1st 2024, so no chance to enter September 2023.
    Is there an alternative route to claim these points?

    Thank you for your help!


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