How to JOIN the British Airways Executive Club?

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Signing-up to the British Airways Executive Club means joining more than a frequent flyer program, but rather a coalition program that allows members to earn Avios not only on BA and oneworld flights but also on hotel stays, car rentals, shopping and credit cards (RBC, American Express).

It’s free to join, members can earn Avios miles and status (thanks to Tier points) and spend their Avios on reward flights, free hotel stays and car rentals.

But first this is how you join the Club. You can join as an individual, but not as a company or group.

Step 1: Go to the British Airways Executive Club page

To start of, go to the British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) page. In the middle of the page, click on the Join the Club now blue button.

Step 2: Name and email information

Make sure you write down your full name. Your membership name should match your passport name. If your names across issued air ticket, passport and membership don’t match you will risk not earning Avios on paid trips or may be denied boarding on reward flights. Also make sure your name on the travel-branded credit cards matches your BAEC membership name to avoid points to Avios transfer denials.

Therefore, use your full name. Names in the air travel business are a serious issue. Then add your email.

Step 3: Username, password and address

You can choose your email as a username to ease through the log in process online or through the app.

Use a strong password. British Airways recommends “passwords must be between 6 and 20 characters long and include a mix of letters (English A-Z) and numbers. You can also include the following special characters: ! ” # & $ ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~. Also acronyms and abbreviations will make for a stronger password.

Then type in your full mailing address, whether it’s a home or business address. BAEC still sends physical cards and luggage tags by mail.

Step 4: Language, departure city, DOB & gender

Choose your preferred language: French or English if you’re in Canada. But there are other languages available such as Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish or Italian to name a few.

Add your date of birth.

Officially, as per British Airways, a child under 18 years of age cannot become a member. But that’s not true. Airlines require a seat for children of the age of 2 and up. Since they are paying customers, they can earn miles flying.

There’s are trick by which members can create their under 18-year old child membership number and that is done thanks to the household account. I have written an extensive guide on how to create child BAEC account.

Finally sign-up to news and offers to get bonus Avios offers, agree to the terms then click Join now. You are all set!

You are ready to earn Avios

Congrats! You ahve signed-up to the Britisih Aiways Executive Club and you’ve received your membership number. Here are some tips for your future Avios earning transactions.

When you book British Airways/oneworld flights always:

  • Log in to your BAEC online account;
  • The British Airways app;
  • Add it in the oneworld airline site;
  • or in the online travel agency site if you buy a complex itinerary (ie Expedia).

This will spare you from having to claim missing Avios.

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