How To Transfer British Airways Avios To Qatar Airways Avios

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Qatar Airways Privilege Club & British Airways Executive Club Apps

When Qatar Airways announced it set-up Avios as its loyalty program currency, oneworld & Avios fans were ecstatic. Members are able to connect their British Airways Executive Club and Qatar Airways Privilege Club accounts. More sweet spots at a lower cost!

However, this requires are few steps. Many think that connecting both accounts is all there is to it. But there are additional steps. This mini-guide will help you set it up.

Connect Your British Airways Executive Club & Qatar Airways Privilege Club Accounts

You need to have an account with both airline loyalty programs. If it’s not the case, here are the links to enroll with British Airways and Qatar Airways.

Tip: Make sure you use the same full passport name in both programs.

Before you connect accounts, all personal details must match: full name and date of birth, otherwise linkage is impossible. Let’s go.

Under “Manage My Account” link – at the top of left hand side blue column – click on “Combine My Avios”. Under the Qatar Airways section, click on “Combine My Avios” blue link box. This will prompt you to a new page where you’ll be asked to log into your Qatar Airways Privilege Club.

This will prompt you to a new page where you’ll be asked to log into your Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Fill in your log in information and after a security verification the page will refresh.

Link your account and combine your Avios balances
Link your account and combine your Avios balances

You will see the following information at the bottom of the page. It will show the effective link between your British Airways Executive Club account and Qatar Airways Privilege Club account with respective balance. Step one is done!

Avios Accounts Linked
Avios Accounts Linked

Move Avios Between Accounts

Now that your accounts are connected, you are now ready to move your Avios points. The Qatar Airways Privilege Club dashboard will feature your overall Avios balance (BA and QR combined). However, that doesn’t mean they are available within the Privilege Club to be redeemed.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club dashboard featuring Avios balance
Qatar Airways dashboard featuring Avios balance

You can verify below in the balance spread in each account. As you can see there are zero points in Privilege Club.

Avios Balance in British Airways & Qatar Airways
Avios balance spread

At the bottom of the section click on “Combine Avios”. A new page tagged “Combine Avios” will prompt. Choose the amount of Executive Club Avios you wish to transfer to Privilege Club then click “Move Avios”.

If you are not logged in your British Airways Executive Club, you will be asked to do so.

Move Avios between British Airways & Qatar Airways accounts
Move Avios between British Airways & Qatar Airways accounts

You are done. Avios points are transferred instantly. If you experience a delay of over 24 hours, call in. A transaction line will show on both Executive Club and Privilege Club accounts. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Move Avios Transaction Confirmation Line
Avios Transfer Transaction Confirmation Line

That was the additional step that many readers missed. Connecting accounts is only half of the job. Moving them requires that you do it manually.

For Executive Club members who have a Household account, it is important to know that they can only transfer Avios points from their own account and not tap into other household members balances.

Why Moving Avios Between Executive Club & Privilege Club Matters

Redemptions on British Airways Executive Club has been difficult in the past. Some of the reward flights had significant fees attached to them. This made for a bitter sweet reward flight in a premium class.

However, things have significantly improved. On BAEC side, you can find reward flights at a reasonable Avios rate along with low fees. I noticed it on the QSuites flights from North America. The other great news is that they can be booked on the Privilege Club side.

This being said Qtar Airways plays the dynamic pricing game. Hence, a Montreal-Doha flight in J Class (Q Suites) varies from 70,000 to 140,000 Avios. That means booking early will avoid you the 140,000 hurt. Fees are reasonable at $156.

It’s a game. Once you know what the rules are you need to be flexible. Remember it is a privilege to be able to book premium tickets for a fraction of the price. Hence, you’re not paying the actual price, your finances or your company travel policy won’t allow it. So keep in mind that flexibility will allow you to get the most of these great programs.

Do you have a BA or QR Avios account? If you are not sure how to set-up your accounts or link them, reach out me, I’ll help you gladly.

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