Jordan Entry Requirements: My Recent Experience

Amin Benzaza

Baggage Claim at Amman Queen Alia AMM Airport

I finally got a chance to visit Jordan after years of planning, attempts and COVID-19 hurdles. I made it this time. My recent experience with Jordan Entry requirements in full as I was able to go in February where the weather was pleasant and a bit rainy but also warm and dry depending on the region.

As you know, visiting a country has become more complex with the ever changing COVID-19 requirements. In my case, I wanted to make sure I was not to screw-up my entry to Jordan. So here is my personal experience when I landed in Amman mid-February 2022. The requirement have changed since then and I explain what there are now.

Jordan Entry Requirements

Jordan has a few requirements that travellers need to meet. Therefore, if you want to make sure you want to enter Jordan without any issues you will need the following items:

  • Complete the Health Declaration Form via GATEWAY2JORDAN before you check-in with your airline. This will generate a QR code that must be presented before boarding and on arrival. Only individuals 5-year and older are required to apply.
  • Surprise! Starting from March 1, 2022 you are no longer required to present a negative RT-PCR test from your home country. You will save $100 right there. In my case I had to get one as I travelled mid-February.
  • Have your proof of vaccine handy on your phone or a print copy just in case. It’s not a requirement, but my own personal advise.

One thing airlines have always bothered me with is proof of COVID-19 medical insurance. I asked our insurance company to issue a letter stating that I was covered for COVID-19 related medical issues. I was never asked for it this time.

BioLab at Amman Alia International Airport - Jordan Entry Requirements
RT-PCR test provider BioLab at Amman Alia International Airport

Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass is a sightseeing package that allows tourists to visit 40 attractions across Jordan. The pass will waive the hefty tourist visa fee of US$60 if you stay in Jordan for more than 3 nights.

You can use the Jordan Pass up to 12 months after the date of purchase. The Jordan Pass comes in 3 packages:

The difference between the three is the length of your Petra visit: 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. I chose the first. One day is more than enough to visit Petra. I actually did it in 5 hours. If you don’t buy the pass, a one-day access to Petra will cost you US$70 plus US$60 for the tourist visa. The Jordan Pass is a no brainer.

The Jordan Pass will allow you to visit the following 40 sites:

  • Petra
  • Jerash (Roman City)
  • Wadi Rum (entry to the actual reserve)
  • Amman Citadel
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Umm Qays
  • Qasr Al Azraq
  • Quseir Amra
  • Karak Castle
  • Pella
  • Al Hallabat
  • Umm Ar-Rasas
  • Umm Qays Museum
  • Umm Al Jimmal
  • Shobak Castle
  • Al Hamimah
  • Museum of Popular Tradition Amman
  • St Elijah’s Hill
  • Dar Al Saraya Museum
  • Karak Museum
  • Iraq Al Amir
  • As Salt Historical Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • Church of the Apostles
  • Burnt Palace Madaba
  • Lowest Place of Earth Museum
  • Aqaba Castle
  • Rehab Al Mafraq

Amman Arrivals Experience

I landed at 9:30PM on Qatar Airways from Doha. A very pleasant short haul flight. The Amman airport was easy to navigate. I followed the sign to customs.

Midway, I got the the COVID-19 testing booths. We were asked to get our passport and . When it was my turn, the whole testing process took less than one minute. The nurse put a PCR test QR code sticker on the back of my passport and walked away.

The next stop was the Jordan Pass verification booths. I presented a printed copy (always have a printed copy of anything you have to show customs or officials). The officer checked mine and put a stamp of approval on it.

Lastly, the actual border police. The officer asked a few questions about what I intended to do in Jordan, took a shot of my eyes and stamped my passport.

It was a very smooth process. I did not experience any surprises or glitches in that entire 20 to 30 minutes timeline from the plane to embarking into my hotel shuttle.


Most of the entry requirement to Jordan have been taken down: no proof of negative RT-PCR test, no RT-PCR test on arrival either. Also no one ever asked me about my vaccine.

Make sure you print every official paper just in case officials need a copy. This is a huge enhancement from when I travelled. Jordan needs visitors as tourism is the second source of income for the country.

Finally, don’t forget to buy the Jordan Pass. You will save a little fortune and get your visa for free.

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