Tipping in Dubai: Your Complete Mini-Guide

Amin Benzaza

Tipping in Dubai

Tipping in Dubai, who and how much to tip is very dear to me. In general, going on vacation and receiving world-class service deserves proper tipping. This article is part of How to Plan Your Perfect Dubai Trip Guide.

There are no set rules for tipping in Dubai. In other words, as most restaurants add taxes and service charges, tipping is not compulsory.

However, I find that the service level in Dubai is top-notch. Therefore, I will always tip the person that provides the service. Above all, I make sure the tip goes straight to that person.

Gas Station Attendant

Gas station attendants are the most neglected when it comes to tips. To clarify, they work outside in very hot and humid conditions. In my past trips to Dubai, I would always leave a minimum of AED5 (C$1.75).

15AED in tips per day can go a long way for them. They can easily cover a full meal at the end of of their work day. So keep these workers in mind and be generous with them.

Housekeeping Staff

I usually leave the equivalent of C$5 (AED15) per day of stay or a one-time C$10-C$15 (AED30-40) amount along with a thank you note. The housekeeping ladies and gents work hard. It is particularly true in COVID-19 times. They will thank you for it and take extra care in the grooming of your room.

Taxi Driver

Either round up the fare amount to nearest note or give an extra AED5-10. Taxi and Uber rides in Dubai are cheap so be generous.

Dubai taxis (RTA) accept card payments. You can ask the driver to add the desired amount on the payment machine. It’s that simple.

Valet & Bellboy

Most guest give a AED5 bill to the valet and bellboy.

That can go up as your luggage count goes higher and heavier. But if you don’t have change, than it’s not an issue. What I usually do – once I have change – is find the valet/bellboy and give them the tip.


This one’s straight forward. You can leave an additional 10% to 15% of total bill. I make sure I address the waiter/waitress, thank them for their service and hand them the tip while I tell them “this is for you”.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers do a dangerous job. In a city where most cars are big SUVs, these motocycle drivers rush to get your food or parcel delivered on time. That’s on top of the scortching heat they have to live with while wearing their protective gear.

I tip them big! I do not hesitate to give them 20AED. When that happens, it makes me happy to see a smile on their face.


Dubai offers you a great experience in terms of quality of service. So be generous. Be kind to the workers who work hard in front and behind the scenes.

If you have questions about this matter, write them in the comments section or on the Amin On Miles Club. I can share with you more on my personal experience.

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