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From the Land of Frankinsense to the ruins of Angkor Wat, discover countries you never thought existed.

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You like to earn points but you are not sure how to be great at it? Let me show you how you to become a expert travel hacker.

Meet Amin
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I’ve had the privilege to travel from the age of 6. Flying in the 80s, 90s and 2000s allowed me to witness the major changes the air travel went through. Furthermore, I experienced business travel. I was given an American Express card and told I was to fly 10-15 times a year and stay 50 nights in hotels across Canada.

Consequently, I got to know well the ins and outs of the major loyalty programs. Those programs paid for my annual vacations for many years. I got used to free luxury InterContinental & Hilton hotels stays, reward flights across multiple continents and airport Business class lounges.

Now, as a licensed travel agent for Canada, I can offer not only my travel hacking experience but an exceptional booking experience to make your dream travel a reality.


Planning our trip to Jordan was a breeze thanks to Amin. He truly understands the magic of travel and his expertise made our journey so memorable. His suggested itinerary was packed with off-the-beaten-track sights and experiences that we would have missed on our own. With Amin, we felt like we were getting an insider's view of Jordan.
We had always dreamed of going on a cruise but didn't know where to start. Amin took the stress out of planning and turned it into an exciting experience. He guided us through selecting the perfect cruise package that fit our budget and preferences. The trip was amazing and exceeded our expectations. Can't wait for our next adventure with Amin's help!
We had always wanted to accumulate reward points to travel but didn't know the best strategies. That's when we turned to Amin for his Travel Hacking Coaching. Without changing our spending habits, Amin showed us how to optimize and accumulate points quickly. With his guidance, we were able to gather enough points for an unforgettable trip to Europe.


I can help you make travel arrangements across many products: all-inclusive travel, cruises (sea & river), private or group country tours, flights, hotels, car rentals and more.

My role is also to give you the most value for your travel spend.

I do handle and plan à la carte travel itineraries for those who request them. The possibilities are endless, the key success factor is asking the right questions, probe your expectations and plan accordingly.

I specialize in the following regions:

Caribbean: All-inclusive and Cruises
Europe: Flights, Hotels, Tours and Cruises (sea & river)
Middle-East: Flights, Hotels, Tours, Expeditions and Cruises (sea)
Flights, Hotels, Tours, Expeditions and Cruises (sea & river)

An initial phone call will allow me to ask you many questions about your destination and your expectations. 
You can expect questions such a:

– What are your travel dates? Are you flexible?
– How many travellers are going with you? What are their ages?
– What kind of experience are you looking for?
– Do you concerns about the destination?

Different travel products require different budgets. Even within these products, you can choose a premium experience. Therefore, budge is part of my series of questions I’ll be asking you.

Knowing your budget will help me steer you towards the right product while I meet your expectations.

Cancellation policy depend on the purchased travel product. Before any transaction, I will let you know the terms & conditions of each booking item, so we can make an informed decision.

Using my expertise and network will save you a lot of time in research and the  booking process. Mistakes can slip when you book on your own as well, they can be costly to correct even impossible at times.

Taking advantage of my experience will allow you to enhance the value of your trip: the right tour operator, the best luxury beach resort, the best airline to your destination, the loyalty program and more.

I travel a lot and I connect with many hotels & tours operators. Also, I get training on a regular basis on major vendors products.

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